Myles Coldwell helps people reach their potential in sport and life through movement and manual based therapy.


Through movement analysis and systematic orthopaedic assessment Myles finds out what the body needs and feeds it with stimulating hands on techniques and precise exercise prescription.


Myles has honed his skills through a multitude of experiences, which include working under a number of popular therapists and sports physicians including a stint as an intern for the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League.

Myles is a strong believer that injuries are not setbacks, but opportunities to get better. Myles will help you return safely and efficiently to whatever you were meant to do. Whether work, sport or play Myles will have you back stronger than ever.



I recently moved to Halifax and needed to find a new therapist for my chronic hip injury.  Myles came highly recommended and after my first appointment I knew I had found a great Athletic Therapist who I wanted to work with. Myles has demonstrated a deep understanding of the human body, rehabilitative exercises, and manual therapy.  Myles is passionate about working with his clients and constantly looking for new ways to help. I take great comfort in knowing I have Myles in my corner to optimize my recovery and performance.


Thanks Myles for listening to my problems and taking the time to understand my issues. Your skillsets and  guidance has enabled me to enjoy the basic routines that were interfering with my ( skating, ball, golf , grandad etc.) day. Now I have the confidence and strength to enjoy retirement with my family and friends. Thanks again for your personal approach to my wellness. Sign! PAIN FREE and Happy. -Stan


​Myles provided me with treatment following an accident, which resulted in whiplash.  What set him apart as a therapist, was the communication and education he provided throughout the treatment sessions.  I was able to take an active role in my own therapy, moving through exercises to my own limits and comfort. Myles is a passionate professional, who takes into consideration the function needed to return safely to your sport.


Myles was a huge help for me. I have had many appointments and sessions with him to fix what was a knee/joint issue. He took his time to explain how the treatments and techniques used would help. Myles' knowledge and passion for helping others is amazing, he goes the extra mile for his patients! I would definitely recommend his services.


Treatments include manual therapy and home or gym exercise program so you know exactly what you should be doing between appointments to help the healing process.



I accept nearly all major insurance plans.  

Athletic Therapy is covered by many health care policies.  The following list from the "Atlantic Provinces Athletic Therapy Association" website ( shows many of the insurance companies that cover Athletic Therapy.  Please contact your insurance company directly to inquire about your coverage as policies differ in the services they cover. 

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East Hants

Sportsplex (ADAPT FITNESS)

 Typical Client Hours:

East Hants Sportsplex






Contact for availability

1076 Hwy 2, Lantz, NS B2S 1M8, Canada


Located upstairs to the left through the East Hants Hall of Fame Sign.


Text: (902) 758-5576

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